Tracing Shanghai Participatory Design Workshop, 27 December 2020

This event has now passed.


10:00am until 5:00pm, December 27 2020


Putuo Youth Cultural Centre,

The Event

Facilitators: Dr Johnny Xu (Loughborough University), Dr Zhang Xueqing (Tongji University)


What role can everyday life stories play in emotional expressions of local community? How can graphic elements from the townscape be applied to innovative design for the promotion of place? Researcher from the ‘Tracing Shanghai’ project group collaborated with the Putuo Youth Cultural Center, to conduct a series of participatory design workshop activities to discover answers to these questions.

The purpose was to explore how co-design methods could contribute to ideas for ‘Putuo Gifts’ based on the local history and culture of Caoyang New Village in the Putuo District of Shanghai.

The workshop was organized in two parts. In the morning, participants visited Caoyang New Village History Museum, where the museumcurator introduced the history of Caoyang New Village development, sharing the stories about local communities. This laid the foundation of knowledge for the second part of the day through workshop activity.

The workshop was divided into four groups consisting of researchers, teachers, designers, local community residents, to undertake problem sharing and brainstorming about local culture. Each group identified one theme that provided content for a subsequent design stage, providing a source of creativity and development for the final production of a ‘Putuo gift’.